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Games Workshop CHAOS SPACE MARINES 99120102098 43-06
Games Workshop CHAOS SPACE MARINES 99120102098 43-06
15 365 Ft

Games Workshop CHAOS SPACE MARINES 99120102098 43-06

Games Workshop CHAOS SPACE MARINES 99120102098


A Games Workshop legnagyobb stratégiai, terepasztalon játszható sikerjátéka a Warhammer 40000, vagy más ismertebb neveken a Warhammer 40K, vagy csak szimplán 40K. Több mint 30 éve van jelen a piacon, emberek tízezrei ismerik a "40. évezredben dúló csaták történeteit". Space Marine, Chaos, Ork és egyéb más fajt gyűjthetünk le és játszhatunk velük. A figurák kiváló minőségű műanyagjai könnyen ragszthatóak, és festhetőek a Citadel nagyszerű kiegészítőivel, festékeivel.



Gyártó: Games Workshop

Games Workshop
15 365 Ft

Games Workshop CHAOS SPACE MARINES 99120102098

Not even the Space Marines are safe from the lure of Chaos. Whether they hail from the dark days of the Horus Heresy or turned traitor more recently, these baleful warriors combine their gene-given gifts with dark blessings and malefic sorceries, transformed by years of battle into fearless, superhuman reavers.

Chaos Space Marines are the core of any Chaos army. Equally at home shredding opponents at range with bolter fire as they are in bloody melee, these guys can be geared up for pretty much any purpose you want on the battlefield. Combined with your choice of Marks of Chaos, Chaos Icons and deadly weaponry, they've got a place in any of your army lists.

This kit builds 10 Chaos Space Marines, with your choice of weapons. The set is absolutely packed with optional extras, giving you the choice of arming every member of the squad with close-combat weapons and pistols or ranged wargear. You’ll be able to add your choice of plasma gun, flamer, meltagun, heavy bolter and missile launcher. Optional components let you build up to two Aspiring Champions, giving you the freedom to build the set as a single squad of 10 or two squads of 5. A Chaos icon, interchangeable components and optional grenades offer you even more choice, ensuring no two units need look alike. The set is even designed to be compatible with the Havocs, allowing you to mix and match heavy weapons for even more choice.

This set is supplied in 144 plastic components and contains 10 x 32mm round bases.

Chaos Space Marines
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