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Games Workshop TAU EMPIRE FIRE WARRIORS 99120113057 56-06
Games Workshop TAU EMPIRE FIRE WARRIORS 99120113057 56-06
13 170 Ft

Games Workshop TAU EMPIRE FIRE WARRIORS 99120113057 56-06

Games Workshop TAU EMPIRE FIRE WARRIORS 99120113057


A Games Workshop legnagyobb stratégiai, terepasztalon játszható sikerjátéka a Warhammer 40000, vagy más ismertebb neveken a Warhammer 40K, vagy csak szimplán 40K. Több mint 30 éve van jelen a piacon, emberek tízezrei ismerik a "40. évezredben dúló csaták történeteit". Space Marine, Chaos, Ork és egyéb más fajt gyűjthetünk le és játszhatunk velük. A figurák kiváló minőségű műanyagjai könnyen ragszthatóak, és festhetőek a Citadel nagyszerű kiegészítőivel, festékeivel.



Gyártó: Games Workshop

Games Workshop
13 170 Ft

Games Workshop TAU EMPIRE FIRE WARRIORS 99120113057

Not only is the path ahead illuminated by the light of the Greater Good, but also the glow of pulse rifles. The courageous Fire Warriors, with the absolute, zealous belief in the destiny of their race, fight with unstoppable fervour and enviable skill. Benefiting from the astonishing rate of technological advance displayed by T'au engineers, their armour is lightweight yet durable and their weaponry reliable yet powerful.

A Fire Warrior Strike Team is a high-speed detachment of shock troops who lay down sheets of withering pulse rifle fire, throwing electromagnetic pulse grenades and aiming powerful tactical support turrets at a rapidly-depleting foe.

The Fire Warriors Breacher Team specialises in brutally effective close-range assaults, clearing buildings of threats in a tight, tactical formation and delivering sharp, shockingly sudden frontline displays of raw incendiary power that grind enemy soldiers into dust, discharging pulse blasters and hurling photon grenades until they are certain every path is clear.

This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything you need to build ten T'au Empire Fire Warriors, either in their Strike Team configuration or in their Breacher Team configuration. One model may be upgraded to a Shas'ui, and the kit includes two drones, a DS8 tactical support turret, a selection of different shoulder pads and back packs and a choice of weapons - pulse pistols, pulse carbines, EMP and photon grenades! 230 components in total, with ten Citadel 25mm Round bases, one Citadel 40mm Round base and two small flying bases.

Tau Empire
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