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Games Workshop TYRANID WARRIORS 99120106036 51-18
Games Workshop TYRANID WARRIORS 99120106036 51-18
14 270 Ft

Games Workshop TYRANID WARRIORS 99120106036 51-18

Games Workshop TYRANID WARRIORS 99120106036


A Games Workshop legnagyobb stratégiai, terepasztalon játszható sikerjátéka a Warhammer 40000, vagy más ismertebb neveken a Warhammer 40K, vagy csak szimplán 40K. Több mint 30 éve van jelen a piacon, emberek tízezrei ismerik a "40. évezredben dúló csaták történeteit". Space Marine, Chaos, Ork és egyéb más fajt gyűjthetünk le és játszhatunk velük. A figurák kiváló minőségű műanyagjai könnyen ragszthatóak, és festhetőek a Citadel nagyszerű kiegészítőivel, festékeivel.



Gyártó: Games Workshop

Games Workshop
14 270 Ft

Games Workshop TYRANID WARRIORS 99120106036

Tyranid Warriors are the most adaptable of all the Hive Mind’s bioforms. They are efficient killing machines with the ability to employ a wide variety of bio-weapon symbiotes. On the battlefield they are found fighting in both close quarters and at long range, and form a vital link in the Tyranid swarm, acting as relays through which the Hive Tyrants issue their commands.

The Tyranid Warrior models come in 3 distinct poses with every single combination of weapon available on the frame. There is a staggering choice of weapons to choose from including 3 pairs of lash whips; 3 pairs of spinefists; 3 devourers; 3 pairs of rending claws; 3 pairs of scything talons; 3 deathspitters; 3 pairs of boneswords; a venom cannon; a barbed strangler; and 3 pairs of flesh hooks. These can be taken in a variety of combinations depending on how you want to arm your Tyranid Warriors.

This kit also includes the option to make a Tyranid Prime. This monster is distinguished with its own chest plate; head and crest; shoulder guards; and has the option to add a scythed tail.

As well as this multitude of options there are also enough adrenal glands and toxic sacs to add to the entire unit, and a choice of 4 different faces for the Warriors.

This plastic kit contains 89 components with which to make 3 Tyranid Warriors, or 2 Tyranid Warriors and a Tyranid Prime.

This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.

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