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Zvezda ISU-122 tank makett 3534
Zvezda ISU-122 tank makett 3534
7 490 Ft

Zvezda ISU-122 tank makett 3534

Zvezda ISU-122 tank makett 3534


Makett méretarány: 1:35

Hosszúság: 292 mm


Alkatrész darabszám: 194


Gyártó: Zvezda


Ragasztást és festést igénylő makett. A szükséges kiegészítőket (ragasztó, festék, ecset) a készlet nem tartalmazza.

A termék 14 éves kor alatt nem ajánlott!

Makett méretarány
7 490 Ft

1/35 Scale Model Kit. This kit includes one plastic model Russian armored vehicle. Model supplied unpainted. Assembly required.

Historical Notes

As the tanks of World War II grew bigger and stronger, the need for more powerful weapons to destroy them also grew. One solution was the so-called “tank destroyer”: basically a massive cannon mounted on tracks. While these vehicles offered more firepower than any tank, the fact that they did not have a turret left them vulnerable to more maneuverable vehicles and infantry attacks.

The ISU-122 was built on the proven chassis of the IS-2 heavy tank, which it shared with the ISU-152 self-propelled howitzer. When Soviet production of hulls exceeded their ability to produce the large ML-20S howitzers, the decision was made to install the smaller 122mm A-19S gun in the extra hulls, and the ISU-122 was born.

The new tank destroyer was equipped with a full-enclosed armored cockpit. The 122mm gun could be used to destroy both enemy tanks and fortifications. For this purpose, ISU-122s were supplied to special assault groups. Production of the ISU-122 ended as the war drew to a close. After the war, most of the surviving ISU-122s were refitted as rocket launchers.

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